Raj's Purpose

Raj Singh’s biggest passion in life is helping others achieve the Financial Freedom that he achieved, that allowed him to leave Corporate America at the age of 27 and never have to look back.

Achieving Financial Freedom allowed Raj to travel the world, go to world-class exclusive VIP events, meet celebrities and even become the Lead Singer of a Caribbean band.

Whether you have a thriving business and want to take your income to the next level or are a struggling student who wants additional income, Raj’s course will provide you with in depth insight into his proven, successful 5M system.



"Everything starts with Mindset. It's what we have in our inner world that creates our outer world. You need to be making sure that you're not only making money, but also maintaining it."


What Others Have To Say About Raj

Richie Etwaru Chief Digital Officer, Blockchain Evangelist, Author, TED Speaker
Mr. Singh is a unique force of nature. He is magnetic, and charismatic in business, entertainment, and leadership. There are only a few people in the world that have used their business senses and skills, to free themselves to be able to do what they really love, which is to help others by sharing their granted gifts. One of these free people, who are helping others by sharing is Raj Singh.
bill courtright correct
Bill Courtright Director of Business Development at Income Store, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company, Forbes 2016
It is rare upon meeting someone that you immediately know that this is a person you’re going to want to know for the rest of your life. Raj Singh is exactly that type of person. Raj effortlessly inspires people to take the necessary steps to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. He sees things in people that maybe they didn’t even see in themselves. Raj’s determination to provide opportunities for those closest to him shows a selflessness that truly moves me.
Adam Markel Bestselling Author, Attorney, and CEO of New Peaks, North America's largest personal and business development company
Mr. Singh is a gem! The man is a classic success story. He is a man of high integrity, brilliant business ideas, and he is all about helping people succeed. I highly recommend him as an entrepreneur and a thought leader -- he is the kind of man that you can do business with, and benefit tremendously.

Raj's Story


About Raj Singh


Raj Singh is an International Speaker, Award Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Humanitarian and the Lead Singer of a Caribbean Band. 

He serves on the executive board of Toastmasters International, multiple non-profits, spiritual groups, and cultural organizations.

Heavily involved in his community, Raj was chosen to be the Grand Marshal of his city.

He spoke at the world renowned Forbes Digital Footprint and is the youngest recipient of the Social Business Icon Award.

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